Post 4

“Highly recommend GIA. Unless your group has a history of coming together on large projects and completing them without fail, you need GIA.”

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“Great prep work and excellent moderating by GIA helped guide our team smoothly and efficiently.”

Comment Title 2

“GIA takes a business model and makes it come alive for ministry teams and leadership.”

Strategic Planning

“Thank you for providing us with these tools. The gospel-sharing task ahead of us is much too important to let ineffective teamwork derail the progress expected of us.”

Strategic Planning

“The Traction / VTO tool and Level 10 meetings have helped to make the goals and initiatives clear and hold us accountable to keep us on track with what we identified as most important to our purpose – rather than regret not making progress.”

Strategic Planning

“Multi-Language Publications recommends the services of Grace in Action. . . to evaluate ministry programs, improve planning, and use resources and personnel more effectively.”

Strategic Planning

“Practical, timely, with helpful advice, tools, and processes to use right away.”

Strategic Planning

“The event was very focused which delivered the strategic plan at its completion.  Your experience helped to guide us through the process.”

Strategic Planning

“Process creates energy, focus, and plans.  You guys are an amazing blessing!”

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