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Here is what those we served had to say.

Please note that “Ministry Leadership Institute” referenced in these videos is now under the umbrella of Grace in Action.

“It helps to give vision and bring people together into a team.”

“It helps to give vision and bring people together into a team.”

“Practical and effective.”

“Thank you for providing us with these tools. The gospel-sharing task ahead of us is much too important to let ineffective teamwork derail the progress expected of us.”

“Process creates energy, focus, and plans.  You guys are an amazing blessing!”

“Really helped me to see what my strengths are and how to use them.”

“Thanks again for your outstanding presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and am excited by the energy that was generated by the discussion. Your efforts are much appreciated!”

“This provided a great vehicle to make progress with accountability.”

“This event was 100% worth my precious Saturday time.  I’m excited about my takeaways. Thank you!“

“Many organizations of congregations could substantially benefit from these tools and techniques.”

“I see these two tools as a valuable part of building a team that can work together to more effectively accomplish its mission.”

“Good for everyone to hear, not just leaders.”

“We will grow and become better leaders because we now have the tools.”

“Multi-Language Publications recommends the services of Grace in Action. . . to evaluate ministry programs, improve planning, and use resources and personnel more effectively.”

“The Level 10 meeting turned out to be a powerful tool for our weekly meetings.”

“Practical, timely, with helpful advice, tools, and processes to use right away.”

“The team at GIA worked with our Administrative Leadership Team to help us identify our individual and group strengths.  They also counseled us about areas of potential friction. This information was incredibly valuable to explore during times of ministry calm so that in times of stress we will be able to perform at the highest and most productive level possible.”

“Appreciated the thorough explanation of my strengths and their relationship with the others.”

“I’ve been through many personality tests (Myers-Briggs, DISC, animals, etc.) over the years at AT&T and through church organizations. StrengthFinders with a group interpretation by Scott Gostchock of GIA has been the most useful. This coupled with VTO will be a blessing to the BWM.”

“Very helpful.  Something I wouldn’t have done on my own.”

“Prioritized and unified the team – intentionalizes actions.”

“Lots of good ideas to strengthen my faith and lead a better Christian life!”

“The event was very focused which delivered the strategic plan at its completion.  Your experience helped to guide us through the process.”

“It is a concise, efficient system that is doable and produces results.”

“User friendly”

“The Traction / VTO tool and Level 10 meetings have helped to make the goals and initiatives clear and hold us accountable to keep us on track with what we identified as most important to our purpose – rather than regret not making progress.”

“Challenging, but powerful!  Already found myself using core values as a litmus test for our discussions.”

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