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Grace In Action

GIA has a number of in-person and online training options designed to assist leaders, congregations, and ministry teams.  We work with groups to determine which modules are most beneficial for your situation. Schedules are customized to meet the needs of your ministry and availability of your team members.


If your leadership team members, both as individuals and as a team, desire to use their God-given talents and strengths most effectively in your ministry setting, then GIA can provide CliftonStrengths Individual & Team Training.

Essentials of a Team

If your leaders want to work together more effectively, to grow in trust, and to engage in positive conflict for the greater good, then GIA can provide the Five Essentials of a Ministry Team.

Ministry Planning

If your leadership team wants to create a detailed vision for your ministry's future, with timed-stamped and specific action items along with built-in accountability and meeting systems, then GIA can provide Ministry Planning: Vision & Traction.

Multi-Cultural Ministry

If your leaders would like to deepen their understanding of their multi-cultural ministry context and grow in their effectiveness, then GIA can provide Cultural Competency and Leading in a Multicultural Setting.

Wellness: Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical

If your ministry team members desire greater spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness, health, and resiliency as they serve in all of their roles, then GIA can provide both team wellness sessions and individual wellness coaching.

Leadership Coaching

If your leaders desire to grow their opportunities to influence those around them, then GIA can help you optimize your Christ-centered leadership skills through leadership coaching.

Leadership Growth

If your leaders and your leadership team desire to consider deeply and discuss vital aspects of Christian leadership for change and growth--through a team workshop setting--then GIA can provide Transformational Leadership.

Developing Warm and Welcoming Ministries

If your leadership team would like to consider deeply the generations of people whom God has called you to serve and how best to welcome ALL to a warm family where the gospel is continually shared, then GIA can provide Developing Warm and Welcoming Ministries.

Leadership Tools

If your leaders could use a great multi-purpose tool for individual and team decision making, for coaching team members, and more, then GIA can provide Leadership Tools.

GIA has additional modules designed to meet specific needs of ministry leadership teams. GIA will also develop and design new modules to help support teams in areas identified through discussions with the ministry team leaders.

Would you like to partner with us to enhance your ministry?

We look forward to serving your team with leadership training, supporting you with personalized coaching, and strengthening your ministry with innovative resources. 

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