Cohort-Based Leadership Coaching — starting February 2021 with Shawn Herkstroeter


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This Grace in Action Cohort-Based Leadership Coaching experience is designed to equip individuals with tools to optimize their leadership skills.


  • This Leadership Cohort is a six-month program and will consist of 5-6 individuals.
  • The COHORT will meet together via Zoom once a month for 60-75 minutes. Sessions will focus on best practices (see details below) and provide a safe environment to share thoughts, encouragements, joys, and struggles with each other.
  • Shawn Herkstroeter will meet with each INDIVIDUAL via Zoom or a phone call once a month for a 60-minute confidential coaching session to explore the topic of the month and any other significant issues, joys, or struggles pertinent to one’s ministry and life.
  • The cost is $900 for six months ($150/month). We encourage the use of Continuing Education funds and/or Title II funds.

The following areas of leadership will be explored:

  • Reflective Leadership – Research demonstrates effective leaders allocate time for reflection. In this module, you will learn the art and science of reflection and how to dedicate time to make it a habit. Regular reflection will lead to clarity and creativity while finding increasing strength in Christ.
  • Power of 1% – No matter your goals, habits are the foundational tool for growth and change. In this module, you will explore the formation of habits and how small changes can lead to a healthier life and ministry.
  • Ownership – As sinful human beings, we tend to make excuses and blame others for our ineffectiveness. This aged old lie has its roots in the Garden of Eden and manifests itself in many ways in the life of a Christian leader. In this module, you will explore the value of ownership and its critical importance to family life and ministry effectiveness.
  • Strand of Three – God created us as relational beings. Unfortunately, sin disrupts relationships in the classroom, within a faculty, and at home. In this module, you will gain an understanding of unhealthy relationship triggers and explore ways to build vibrant relationships that bring glory to God and positively influence your team and family.
  • Productivity – God’s gift of time is a blessing. However, it feels like time is demonized in the ministry setting. There is never enough time for teaching, administration, and family life. This leads to stress which triggers unhealthy habits such as withdrawal, anxiety, depression, and self-medication. In this module, you will explore practical tools to increase productivity and reduce stress.
  • Followership – A Calling into public ministry is humbling and admirable. From day one, called workers are told to lead. So what about followership? In this module, you will gain Scriptural wisdom on followership and understand the benefits of it for your ministry and family life.

Please contact Shawn before registering: 920.266.6295.

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