Wellness: Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical

Please note that “Ministry Leadership Institute” referenced in this video is now under the umbrella of Grace in Action.


GIA will provide sessions that will help your team and team members to do the following:
⦁ Analyze the current reality of their wellness
⦁ Focus on the benefits and blessings of wellness
⦁ Identify incremental changes, trade-offs, and specific commitments for greater wellness
⦁ Create individualized personal plans for spiritual growth, emotional well-being, and physical resiliency
⦁ Engage with the GIA-provided 30 days of follow-up encouragements and new ideas for wellness

Each month several OPEN Live Wellness Webinars are offered that individuals and couples can register for simply by going to the GIA Events page and registering. In 2021 the team session is readily available in an impactful 2-hour online webinar format for use with your ministry team. Contact Greg Schmill to schedule.

This team session is also available as onsite live and in-person sessions ranging from 3-6 hours, whatever will work best for your team. The longer onsite versions allow for more time to consider more completely what God’s Word has to say about our wellness, to consider more options for greater health, to interact and learn from one another and to grow as a team, and to develop a more complete wellness action plan. Also available is a one-hour conference sectional version and an online course.

GIA will also provide sessions that your help you as an individual.

Beginning in 2021, GIA will be offering individual wellness coaching for those looking for greater assistance and encouragement in setting goals for their spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness along with other key areas (e.g. relationships, strengths-based leadership, ministry). Greg Schmill is a trained and experienced life coach who has provided formal and informal coaching to ministry leaders for many years. One-on-one sessions are conducted in person, by phone, or through Zoom. If interested, contact Greg Schmill for a free 20-minute consultation about coaching.

Would you like to partner with us to enhance your ministry?

We look forward to serving your team with leadership training, supporting you with personalized coaching, and strengthening your ministry with innovative resources. 

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