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Leadership Coaching

Leadership is influence. GIA will help your classroom teachers, athletic directors, early childhood directors, principals, and congregational lay leaders optimize these six essential leadership skills in order to seize opportunities to influence those around them: ⦁ Self-reflection ⦁ Habit formation and goal-setting ⦁ Ownership ⦁ Nurturing relationships ⦁ Productivity ⦁ Followership This six-month program will allow …

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The GROW Tool

GIA will help your team to do the following: Make quick and accurate individual decisions Utilize an exceptional framework for coaching and guiding others Help your team focus on and make key decisions quickly and accurately Share in a powerful process for leadership

Multi-Cultural Ministry

Leading in a Multicultural Setting An extensive half-day or full-day workshop that equips leaders to serve more awarely in a multicultural ministry setting. Target Audience: Experienced Called leaders and lay leaders who have completed Cultural Competency Key Content Cultural responsiveness as leaders Better understanding of multicultural populations How to best reach out with the Gospel …

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Transformational Leadership: A Course for Strengthening Christian Leaders

GIA will help your team to do the following: Have a strong focus on the Means of Grace, the love of Christ, and His Great Commission Make use of practical tools and relevant applications for leaders in their relationships, roles, and responsibilities Provide encouragement with determination, insight, courage, and emotional maturity Put emphasis on teamwork …

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Wellness: Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical

  GIA will provide sessions that will help your team and team members to do the following:⦁ Analyze the current reality of their wellness⦁ Focus on the benefits and blessings of wellness⦁ Identify incremental changes, trade-offs, and specific commitments for greater wellness⦁ Create individualized personal plans for spiritual growth, emotional well-being, and physical resiliency⦁ Engage …

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Ministry Planning: Vision and Traction

GIA will help your team to do the following: Clarify the mission and vision of your ministry Identify current challenges and opportunities for spreading the gospel Craft a 6-year ministry plan in a single day Outline 3-year, 1-year, and quarterly goals as stepping stones for the 6-year targets This module generally takes 8-9 hours.

The Five Essentials of a Ministry Team

GIA will help your team to do the following: Identify the key components of a highly functioning team Implement strategies to reduce roadblocks that limit effective teamwork Receive tools designed to improve communication and enhance ministry teams Build trust, accountability, and efficiency This module is 3-4 hours long.

CliftonStrengths Coaching

GIA will help your team to do the following: Identify individual and team strengths Recognize them as gifts from God to be used for others and for the team Appreciate the uniqueness of your team and identify partner-up opportunities Work to your strengths in ministry and all aspects of Christian life The individual strengths coaching …

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