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“Highly recommend GIA. Unless your group has a history of coming together on large projects and completing them without fail, you need GIA.”

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“Great prep work and excellent moderating by GIA helped guide our team smoothly and efficiently.”

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“GIA takes a business model and makes it come alive for ministry teams and leadership.”

Leadership Coaching

GIA will help your leaders to: Accelerate their growth as a Christian ministry leader To knock down roadblocks to growth To use their God-given strengths specifically in their leadership calling To be regularly encourage in specific action steps to grow in their spiritual, emotional, and physical health and resiliency

The GROW Tool

GIA will help your team to: Make quick and accurate team decisions Make quick and accurate individual decisions Provide coaching insights

Leading in a Multicultural Setting

GIA will help your team to: Cultural responsiveness as leaders Better understanding of multicultural populations and how to best reach them with all things, especially the Gospel Better understanding of yourself as a unique and amazing creation of God

Ministering Across the Generations

GIA will help your team to: Sharing the Gospel with the five generations active in our churches and schools Involving and connecting with generations A model for a church and school serving generations well

Transformational Leadership: A Course for Strengthening Christian Leaders

GIA will help your team to: Have a strong focus on the Means of Grace, the love of Christ, and His Great Commission Make use of practical tools and relevant applications for leaders in their relationships, roles, and responsibilities Provide encouragement with determination, insight, courage, and emotional maturity Put emphasis on teamwork and collaboration This …

Transformational Leadership: A Course for Strengthening Christian Leaders Read More »

Leadership Health and Resiliency

GIA will help your team to: Create a personal plan for spiritual growth, emotional well-being, and physical resiliency Analyze the current reality of health Cast a vision and goals for improvement Design a systematic approach to achieve success This module can be right-sized from 4-7 hours long, whatever will work best for your team. Also …

Leadership Health and Resiliency Read More »

Strategic Planning: The Vision Traction Organizer

GIA will help your team to: Clarify the mission and vision of your ministry Identify current challenges and opportunities for spreading the gospel Craft a 6 or 10 year ministry plan in a single day Outline 3-year, 1-year, and quarterly goals as stepping stones for the 10-year targets This module generally takes 8-9 hours.

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